Ahmet Delija's tower echoes with the story of the struggle for national issues

The chronological arrangement of the exhibition offers a journey through time. Visitors walk through the corridors of history, following the footsteps of Ahmet Delija and his contemporaries

Flag Day at the Ahmet Delija Tower in Upper Prekaz has opened a new chapter. A permanent exhibition of artifacts and chronological writings of his time has been opened there. The story of resistance and struggle for independence unfolds. Until now, the Tower - rebuilt on the foundations of the one from 1860 - has been static. With the exhibition, the story about the freedom fighter, the popular tribune and the leader of Drenica is revealed

In the Drenica region stands a silent witness of Albanian history - a tower that once belonged to the hero Ahmet Delia. Located at the foot of a road in Upper Prekazi, it not only served as a bastion of defense, but also played an important role in shaping the fate of the region in crucial periods. Rebuilt on the foundations of the old tower, Ahmet Delija's tower appeared as a focal point for major decisions that influenced the historical course of the Drenica region. Its walls echo with the voices of prominent personalities deeply committed to the national cause. Among them is Hasan Prishtina.

Ahmet Delia left an indelible mark on this fortification, which is protected as a cultural heritage monument, transforming it into a symbol of endurance and sacrifice. This name engraved on the pages of Albanian history met its heroic end in 1913. He bravely defended his homeland in a time of great turmoil, becoming a beacon of courage and steadfast patriotism.