Elbenita Kajtazi in the story of longing for musical perfection in Kosovo

When Elbenita Kajtazi switched from conversation to song, it became clear that her voice has the power to transport the audience to another realm. The opening notes of "Allerseelen" by Richard Strauss set the tone for an evening of musical brilliance

The evening with the outstanding soprano, Elbenita Kajtazi, was a kind of intimate conversation where she shows her longing for her hometown, where the return always gives a different feeling than the world stages where she has performed. Besides the performance, she told the audience pieces of her journey, and the whole evening was an inspiring journey in the pursuit of dreams. "It's different from the world, because here I feel a lot of love for the public and I receive that love", said Kajtazi, who is also waiting for other world stages next year. One of them – the Vienna Opera

The amphitheater of the National Theater of Kosovo - a stage with not strong conditions even for a major show - has had another weight with the internationally known Albanian soprano, Elbenita Kajtazi. The evening not only showcased Kajtazi's undeniable vocal skills, but also provided a glimpse into the inspiring journey that took her from the big dreams she had as a student in Kosovo to the grandeur of the world's most prestigious stages. The Vienna Opera is another dream of hers which will come true next year. It has come to the sixth edition of the event "I whitened the face", organized by "KultPlus" on Monday night.

Before the notes of her performance echoed through the room, Kajtazi entered into a sincere and heartfelt conversation with the audience. With a mix of honesty and humor, she shared the details of her life, offering a rare insight into the challenges and triumphs that have shaped her music career. The audience, amazed by her sincerity, responded with laughter and long applause, creating an intimate connection that would set the stage for such an evening.