"2000 years of Christianity among Albanians" proves the autochthonousness and European identity

The book "2000 years of Christianity among the Albanians" inaugurated on Monday at the "Pjeter Bogdani" National Library is a compilation of scientific articles and references published 25 years ago. Well-known researchers and historians of the time, not only Albanians, participated in the symposium. There were proven names in the field of Albanianology such as Noel Malcolm, Robert Elsie, Peter Bartl, then Kristo Frashëri, Jahja Drançolli, Ramadan Sokoli, Mark Krasniqi, Engjëll Sedaj, Bejtullah Destani and not only

Here, a quarter of a century ago, in turbulent times for Albanians, a group of activists would become the ground to give voice to the history of the facts, inviting eminent Albanianologists and scientists from all four corners of the world. In Arbon, Switzerland, from different perspectives, the autochthony and connection of Albanians with the Western world would be witnessed. It took 25 years for the materials of that symposium to come to light with the inauguration of the book "2000 years of Christianity among the Albanians", as the sensational event was also titled.

On September 5 and 6, 1998, the first scientific symposium on Christianity among Albanians was to be held in the historic city of Arbon, Switzerland. "2000 years of Christianity among the Albanians", the event which was deliberately set to mark the first anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, was to be baptized. The symposium was evaluated with weight due to the idea, vision and purpose. It took a quarter of a century for the materials presented at that time to be summarized in the voluminous book with the same title as the symposium. The book comes now even though it was scheduled to be published no later than two years after the event, and there are several reasons for this.

In the inauguration held at the National Library of Kosovo, on Monday morning, "2000 years of Christianity among the Albanians" was considered a book of scientific, cultural and historical value. As a source and important literature for researchers and students and for those who want to learn about the history of culture and Christian tradition among Albanians.