Rita Ora, decided for a project in Kosovo, is also expected by President Osmani

On Monday, on the second day of her visit to Kosovo, a party was organized for Rita Ora by President Osmani, which lasted until midnight. He also celebrated with local artists

The party that the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, organized for the world star, Rita Ora, lasted for about five hours on Monday night. He also met local personalities of art and showbiz. President Osmani has confirmed to KOHEN that there will be a project involving local artists. "We discussed, above all, projects that will benefit Kosovo, above all, for the benefit of Kosovo's youth in the future..." Osmani said late Monday. The voice of Kosovo in the world has not spoken

It is confirmed that Rita Ora with her husband, director and actor Taika Waititi and producer Odessa Rae will make a project in Kosovo. Accompanied by other associates, the world music star stopped at a restaurant on the outskirts of the capital shortly after 19:00 on Monday. They were guests of the president Vjosa Osmani. There, Ora, who these days is staying in Kosovo - to celebrate her 33rd birthday - was welcomed by a part of the community to which she belongs. Local directors already known in the world, local actors and singers, were also guests of President Osmani to welcome Ora, as well as a part of the diplomatic choir. Monday was the second day of the visit to the birthplace of Kosovo's voice in the world.

Upon entering the hall, the pop star was honored by those present. Standing up and lined up one after the other, the hosts welcomed Ora, who last visited Kosovo 4 years ago before this visit. With the polite countenance he usually displays in public appearances, Ora seemed quite impressed by the reception. Next to President Osmani, director Samir Karahoda was there along with colleagues Blerta Zeqiri and Blerta Basholli. All three are internationally known for their films, while Zeqiri is now the director of the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo. Besides them, the singers Dafina Zeiqiri, Alma Bektashi, Jehona Sopi and Yll Limani were also present at the party organized by President Osmani. Singer and actress Edona Reshitaj, actor Besart Sllmaniku and designer Valdrin Sahiti were among those who hosted Ora. The US ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, and Nicholas Abbott of Great Britain joined the party. The mayor of the Municipality of Pristina, Përparim Rama and his wife, were also present.