The KSF Wind Orchestra and the Philharmonic "march" with music

The KSF Wind Orchestra and the Philharmonia have become one in the unfolding of solemn compositions, film soundtracks, and even operatic arias. The sounds of Albanian melos have also echoed (Photo: Arben Llapashtica)

Through the sounds, an event of freedom is narrated that incites the feeling of pride and that awakens the pain and memories of the past. Messages seem to come from each note and that is the power of musical art. It was the Scottish conductor, Dario Salvi, who gave orders to the "army" of musicians in a musical performance on the Day of the Force.

There would be no more suitable event than the joint concert of the Kosovo Security Force Wind Orchestra and the Kosovo Philharmonic to mark the Day of the Force. Under the direction of the Scotsman Dario Salvi, the formation has brought the world repertoire of solemn works. Albanian compositions are also interwoven with them. On Monday night, the story was brought through the sounds, in the Atelier of the Palace of Youth and Sports.

The members of the two orchestras are easily distinguished. Some were in military uniforms, others in black. But in sound they have become one. Their masterful playing and development of musical parts made them sound like a single band. The diverse program has premiered most of the works. From solemn compositions, film soundtracks, to operatic arias have enriched the program marking the Day of Strength.