"Precious Past" finds love with heritage treasures

Burhan Ahmeti displays traditional stylistic elements through different printing techniques, experimenting in different mediums that give the works additional dimensions, as an attempt to perpetuate these cultural symbols in every painting and graphic.

"Qahili" gallery opened its doors for the exhibition titled "Precious past" as a double composition between the works of artists from Gostivari, Burhan Ahmeti and Nevzat Kica. The space, illuminated by the careful glow of the lights, served as the perfect background for an eclectic range of paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors and many other mediums that share the Albanian cultural heritage as a common denominator.

The title of the exhibition, "Precious Past", neatly captures the essence of the works displayed in it. Each work serves as a visual narrative, exploring different aspects of cultural heritage, both collective and personal, which provide a window into the artists' own personalities.

The collection curated by the "Qahili" gallery, with the works of Nevzat Kicë and Burhan Ahmeti, shows different emotions and aspects of life through symbolism, starting from the horses in Kicë's drawings and paintings, and the elements of traditional architecture, the cradle, national clothing and to Ahmet's graphics. The careful observations and expressiveness of the artists on this theme manages to convey emotions such as love, sadness, and a sense of belonging. Show the journey as a process, present it through art. Carefully conceived by the "Qahili" gallery, this exhibition was given a meritorious, poetic description where, as written on the poster, the artistic works of Ahmet e Kicë are combined with the 30th Sonnet by Shakespeare. It comes as a reflection on the challenges of life and the passing of time, it starts with a melancholy recognition of past sorrows in life, but then a solace is found through memories. The metaphor through which the "treasure of the past" is discovered illustrates the rejuvenating power of memory, the same as the artists' attempt to find that treasure in Albanian ethnographic elements. Shakespeare emphasizes the transformative nature of love, he suggests through the verses that thinking about the past brings wealth and a way of dealing with life's challenges.