"The apple was not an accident" defies pain for the triumph of love

"The apple was not an accident" walks through the gray reality as it breaks the taboo. It is a call to queer women and their fate

A stage performance, which combines different forms of artistic expression, breaks down walls in the space of the "Grand Hotel" as it concretizes each station of the journey with suffering and trauma of a lesbian couple. The final destination is true love

With a performance and concept by Arlinda Morina - Liki and Uresa Ahmeti, the story of a lesbian couple suffering from the traumas created by an oppressive society, who with their bodies create a performance that consists of pain to love, is unfolded. That's where they find power. They are afraid of love because they live in a world they cannot control. Their bodies create movement and the power of non-surrender comes to the audience. This is how this performance is described in the announcement of "CSGD Kosovo", a non-governmental organization that deals with the support, protection and advocacy of LGBTIQ community issues. The title is symbolic: "The apple was not an accident". The performance given on Saturday night, under the patronage of the cultural center "Barabar" in Pristina, transformed the improvised stage in the space of the center in the "Grand Hotel", into a free place. It is an empty space in which many human emotions were explored under the shadow of social challenges. The performance begins with accompanying sounds of female vocals with anthemic and straining tones as if to foreshadow the drama that will come in the following minutes.

Uresa Ahmeti appears at the very beginning biting into an apple, which conveys revenge in every bite as Arlinda Morina – Liki wakes up in a half-dead state, squirming to survive life's punches and kicks. Through stage movements, she tries to show the audience her life and difficulties. Under minimal lighting he wakes up and Uresa, who after regaining consciousness with eyes that demand answers, asks where he is.