"Our sisters" bleed the painting of 1883 in the call against violence

The pose in the painting "Motra Tone" by Idromeno, where she is painted holding the corner of the handkerchief near her face, in Saranda Sadikaj's version she herself is portrayed in the photo wiping the blood that is flowing from her. Her eyes are bruised. Above all, it is the wounds inside her that express themselves with tears and blood. There are five screens in the frames that make them even more artistic and break down the artist's concept and idea more comprehensibly.

Inspired by the painting "Our Sisters" by Kolë Idromena, with "Our Sisters" Ms. Indefinite has brought back the portrait by advancing it in the format of moving photography. There are five video installations in which she imitates the appearance of the character of the Albanian masterpiece. Appears with the same clothes and attitude as "Motra Tone". In one, the portrait of the artist herself slowly becomes a skeleton. Nearby is her portrait with bloodied face and clothes. There are also her wounds. But the exhibition does not end there

"Our sisters" is not only an exhibition and performance. Its elements are not just works of art either. In general, it is an emergency for the fate of the girl and the woman. Reflection of violence and murder that the viewer faces and challenges. Based on the first realist Albanian work made 140 years ago - the iconic "Motra Tone" by Kolë Idromenos - the exhibition of the artist Ms. Indefinite brings the behind-the-scenes of sad events. It is a call for awareness and a kind of experiment on how important each person's actions are.

Of all the works, there are two installations that put each one in a different position. Two mirrors hanging on the wall placed in picture frames, below which are glowing red candles, challenge and question the fate of the beholders. That looks scary. Everyone can see themselves there, even if they don't want to. Yes, this was just an example.