Mehdi Polisi – the silent scientist who also gave voice to Frashëri

The life and work of Mehdi Polis (November 27, 1953 – May 21, 2014) on Saturday in Struga were revealed from different perspectives in the scientific tribune organized by the Struga Branch of the Association of Albanian Historians in North Macedonia

Colleagues, friends and collaborators joined on Saturday in Struga, at the scientific stand in honor of the now deceased professor and researcher, Mehdi Polisi. He has been described as a great researcher and knowledgeable and modest lecturer. Above all, a great figure of scientific activity, who also gave a voice in Albanian to the works of Sami Frashër

Mehdi Polisi, one of the first orientalists in the country, was remembered on Saturday, on his 70th birthday. His scientific, literary, translation creativity, especially that of Sami Frashëri, was the headline at the tribune held in Struga, organized by the branch in this city of the Association of Albanian Historians in North Macedonia. Polisi - who died on May 21, 2014 in Pristina, at the age of 61 - is remembered as a great scholar and a knowledgeable and modest teacher. Above all, a great figure of scientific activity who made the works of one of the great writers speak Albanian.

Such are "Talati's Love with Fitneten" by Sami Frashëri, his Works 9, 10 and 11, "Anecdote", "Sky", Earth", "Man", "Man Again" and "Mythologies". The list of authorial publications with studies mainly about Frashëri is also long.