The 79th anniversary of the National Library - chronicle and celebration of knowledge

The celebration of the 79th anniversary of the National Library came not only as a nostalgic reflection on the past, but also as a proof of the lasting commitment of the National Library of Kosovo to the archiving of knowledge.

As a symbol of culture and knowledge, the National Library of Kosovo marked its 79th anniversary with a ceremony that transcended time and pages. The event, steeped in the Library's rich heritage, unfolded as a testament to its enduring role as a custodian of knowledge. The anniversary celebration became a living narrative, interweaving the past, the present, and the limitless potential for exploration ahead.

The National Library of Kosovo has celebrated its 79th anniversary and the ceremony was an echo of knowledge. "Pjeter Bogdani" preserves the memory and national heritage of Kosovo. Receive copies of all printed materials and contribute to providing access to the vast universe of recorded knowledge. The main event of the celebration on Friday was the exhibition "From the foundations to the public opening of the magnificent building of the National Library of Kosovo (articles from the newspaper 'Rilindja' 1973 - 1983)", which includes articles describing the history of the construction of the Library building of Kosovo and the beginning of its work.

With the opening of the exhibition doors, the attendees went back in time through the pages of "Renaissance", witnessing the very genesis of this cultural institution. The items on display shed light on the Library's humble beginnings, highlighting the dedication and sacrifices made by those who envisioned a haven for knowledge.