The Song Festival stage is removed, the hall returns to the parking lot

The splendor of the Song Festival stage at RTK has lasted three nights, and no more than three weeks have lasted the promises that the stage will remain there and serve for other events. On Friday, only the skeleton that cost 90 euros remained from the Festival stage

The burned hall of the Palace of Youth and Sports has returned to the state it was in before the RTK Song Festival, despite the fact that there were promises that the stage with the tracking equipment, which cost over 150 thousand euros, would remain there and be used for other events. It was the mayor of Pristina who declared this. Three weeks later, there is no more scene

One of the headlines of the first edition of the Song Festival on Radio and Television of Kosovo was the transformation of the burnt hall into a magnificent stage. Right after the Festival, there were quick promises that it will remain with the same splendor, and concerts, festivals and various shows will continue to be organized there. That it will become an icon.

No more than three weeks have lasted such promises. They fell into the water with the termination of the contract for the equipment taken into use and the materials with which the hall was disguised. On Friday, the scene is completely undone. The burned down hall in the Palace of Youth and Sports, transformed for the three nights of the Song Festival on Radio and Television of Kosovo, has returned to its previous state. All the elements that gave the views of the grand hall have been removed.