"Mitrovica Guitar Days" is tuned with world stars in the fifth edition

There are four concerts, prominent guitar names, passion and enthusiasm at the level and "Mitrovica Guitar Days" is ready for another edition. Marcin Dylla of the world's stages will open, guitarist-phenomenon Aniellio Desiderio returns to Kosovo, Agron Peni Trio changes its colors a bit, and the closing is a fusion of cultures. "We have reached a point where the festival has now taken the steps, let's say international...", said Anisa Suhodolli-Mujka, coordinator of "KosovaArs", which organizes "Days..." and there is a reason for this

For the organizers of an event that brings together world and local guitarists in Mitrovica "the closer the date gets, the more the temperature rises". The approaching date is September 19. Event: "Mitrovica Guitar Days". The program has already been revealed, the names of the participating artists as well, the goal is already known, the difficulties have been overcome and the enthusiasm is at its peak.

Anisa Suhodolli-Mujka, coordinator of "KosovaArs", was also enthusiastic on Monday, when she spoke about the last details of the fifth edition of "Mitrovica Guitar Days". There are world stars among the guests and local guitar masters. It will open with the concert of Marcin Dyllas, a very prominent name in the world of classical guitar, winner of more than 15 international awards, highly appreciated by critics.

"We are trying to bring big names from the world guitar scene", said Suhodolli-Mujka. Polish guitarist Dylla, who has been hitting the stages everywhere, is not the only star. This year also comes the Italian guitarist Aniellio Desiderio, who is already a friend of "Mitrovica Guitar Days". It was there last year as well and somehow the public is the one who brings it back again this year. The organizers have also seen the beauty of this distinguished name, a master in the playing of Paganini's works, distinguished for technique and quick breakdowns.

"We have reached a point where the festival has now taken steps, let's say international. Last year we marked a noticeable increase and we saw from Mr. Aniellio Desiderio that he spoke a lot about the festival to his colleagues", said Suhodolli-Mujka. Arranging such names is not an easy task, guitarists of this caliber should be contacted much earlier. "Mitrovica..." does not have such an opportunity as everything depends on support. However, it is the mission and passion that does not deter the organizers in their aim to bring A-list instrumentalists to Kosovo. When he talks about the points where they have succeeded, Suhadolli-Mujka forgets the difficulties. Or at least minimizes them. "We are trying to bring in very big names of the world guitar scene. It's not difficult, it's just love to bring such a festival", she said in a conversation on the show "Express" on Kohavision. The fifth edition comes with four concerts. Desiderio comes two days after the opening by Marcin Dyllas on Tuesday, September 19. The stage at the City Museum - where all the concerts are held - will be left to the Agron Pen Trio, on the evening of September 22, which gives a different color from the classical ones, and the closing concert the night after has different sounds.

"We have decided not to hold the festival only for classical guitar, we have expanded it and one night we will have flamenco from the Agron Peni Trio. We also have one from Turkey, one in saz and a guitar duo, which is a mix of cultures. They bring a new spirit to the festival", said Suhodolli-Mujka.

But "Mitrovica Guitar Days" does not only bring concerts, there are four of them this year.

There are also master classes.

"Probably the most profitable point for students, especially for guitar students but also in general for music lovers, are the master classes and workshops that will be held during this week", said the coordinator of "ArsKosova", which organizes the festival. Guitarists Erhan Mujka, Kreshnik Berisha and Drilon Çoçaj, are the backbone of the workshops.

With such names, even though in the fifth edition, "Mitrovica Guitar Days" has started to stand out. This is because, according to the organizers, there is something that sets it apart.

"The names of the world stages are really coming. Marcin Dylla from 'The 'Washington Post' has been described as the greatest talent in the world at present. Aniellio Desiderio in Italy is called 'Il Fenomeno' (the phenomenon)", said Suhodolli-Mujka.

Well, what sets the organization apart is the spirit. The festival has less support this year than the previous edition. In addition to the Municipality of Mitrovica, the Embassy of Italy and some businesses have also come out in support. But, despite this, the organizers are determined.

"Like all festivals, this festival is there: to bring people together. This is the most beautiful of the festival and the city takes on a different color when students from North Macedonia and Albania come. We don't have support like last year, but the desire to do the festival and not stop doesn't let us think how much support we have", said Suhadolli-Mujka.

With events like these, Mitrovica returns to its former glory.

"As we know historically, it has been a place of fun, culture, and music, but we know that after the war, the political approach and the media, concentrating a lot on that part, lost or overshadowed the issue of culture. In recent years, it is true that we are a large group of organizations that have held each other by the arm and are trying to push it forward," she said. Such organizations for him, but also for other organizations, are not just cultural events. "Because it is a goal outside of itself - the goal of the city. We are very happy that Mitrovica is restoring the splendor it once had", said Anisa Suhodolli-Mujka. And the city is already tuned for "Mitrovica Guitar Days".