Artificial intelligence turns back time in the streets of Pristina

It is already known that artificial intelligence knows no limits in displacement in time and space. But "Midjourney" is the program that designer Berin Has uses to test when he gives the keywords of what he is aiming for. He is also using it to design a clothing line. The great actor Bekim Fehmiu also joins this journey, and some skiers pose in front of the National Library of Kosovo. Images from the past are revived as inspiration using the advantages of technological development

Images with three musketeers in the center of the capital in front of the "Grand" hotel are unusual. Even when they are seen in clothes that do not belong to this time. It is intended to resemble the ancient warriors of these parts. Apart from them, the images when a skier with a mark inside her clothes is seen in front of the National Library of Kosovo, "Pjeter Bogdani", have never been shown.

Designer Berin Hasi brought these, and many others. In this case, he has caused such images to come through artificial intelligence. He did this through the "Midjourney" program.

As an artificial intelligence application it generates images depending on the written requests it receives. It's been up and running for nine months and is already becoming the go-to place for AI imaging. It works depending on the keywords that are given as a description. Designer Hasi is getting very busy.

The three musketeers pose in front of the "Grand" in clothes from several centuries ago, which are restored through artificial intelligence

On an April day, as he sits in front of his computer and takes off his sunglasses, Hasi begins to enter the world of artificial intelligence. It is from well-known local designers. In recent times, his name has gained even more fame since the logo created by him has been selected to be the symbol of the Kosovo Opera.

For several months now, Hasi has been testing himself as well as artificial intelligence for different designs.

"Explain a little more simply, it's like entering a course in elementary school and learning how to use some tools or some tools to get to an image or a job you want to work on." Hasi explained at the very beginning. After accessing the program, it starts maneuvering depending on the requirements it has. Through "Midjourney" he has already produced hundreds of images. Has himself is initially surprised by what the program can produce.

"He writes textually what he is looking for and enables the robot to create a very precise and unimaginable image. I need these images to explore the visuals and I'm getting images that I didn't even think of. In this case, it is helping me realize my projects that I am doing", Hasi confesses. Through the ideas in his head he makes a search approaching the robot. The artificial intelligence turns the notes that Has gives it into images. In this case, according to the designer, a big help is provided, since the basic image that is extracted can be further processed by serving as a brand. In this case, he received a concrete example of how he sees the advantages of artificial intelligence.

The skier in front of the National Library wearing "Midjourney"

"For example, I want to use a material that I cannot immediately bring to Kosovo. I'm writing it textually and I'm imagining a jacket that I had with all the elements I love. In this case, choices and images are coming to me that help me speed up my creation process", he confesses.

Hasi is getting interested in creating ski boots. But for the artificial design to be as attractive and provocative as possible, he has played with several spaces. The program has given the key words that its requirements for design will appear through a character standing in front of the National Library of Kosovo, "Pjeter Bogdani". It does not appear in many colors but comes with a combination that is as simple as modern and classic at the same time. He has also tried this with "models" staying in Brezovica and Rugovë.

Berin Hasi has asked the artificial intelligence to model clothes and images with the feeling of Bekim Fehmi's portraits and time

"I started to focus more on clothes. For example in clothing lines. When you aim for some materials that are not here first then you want to see how they might look in Kosovo. The robot enables all this", he says. It has narrated how combinations of the feelings of the model or model can be made along with the mixing of clothing styles at different times. To illustrate this, he took the example of how the clothing models could have been at the time when one of the most famous Albanian artists in the world participated in major cinematographic events. Hasi has asked the artificial intelligence to model clothes and images with the feeling of Bekim Fehmi's portraits and time.

"I took some models and tried on some clothes and I wanted them to be in the feeling of Bekim Fehmi, in his time, as there are some films on 'YouTube' and the films are in black and white", he explains. The artificial intelligence has also highlighted the colors that the costumes of that time may have had, although in most cases those images from the 60s are in black and white. "Midjourney" has "translated" them into colors.

"You were very good, because it gave us the color of gold, which makes me think that in that style and feeling the filming of the films in which Bekim Fehmiu played was done", says Hasi.

He has experimented a lot with this program. He has no intention of stopping. Not only because it can make his job as a designer easier. But also because of being very practical in terms of using materials that are not in Kosovo but must be imported. In this case it is more about clothing.

Despite the fact that Hasi himself often says that it is scary what artificial intelligence can do, he still insists that it should be used in the most positive sense.

"I don't see it as a danger anymore, because I think we can do very good things if we use it for good. I'm using it for my daily work that I have and why not, I like it. It is something new and it is not getting stale", he says. He repeats several times that he suggests that artificial intelligence should be used as much as possible in the positive aspect.

While playing with images and requests, it showed that the robot is quite new in terms of the information it possesses. Hasi shows that the more it is asked, the program is equipped with information and becomes richer and at the same time more productive. For his designs so far as a professional, Hasi is well known for his unique style. But how much artificial intelligence will help it produce different designs remains to be seen. What is known so far is that AI-based designs will be the look of the future in this craft.