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Pristina in October 1918, suffocated by Serbian refugees

The District Headquarters of Pristina in the years 1912 - 1915

"Serbian refugees gather in places and inform each other. A group of refugees is in front of the mosque, another in front of the gate of power, some in the courtyard, some under the shelter of a shop, and so on... While the soldiers, with pieces of meat in hand, wander from one fire to another, they even come out even in the trenches outside of Pristina, trying to be allowed to roast the pieces of meat on open fires. But, some of them were lucky after eating in Pristina's cafes...", writes Branislav Nushiq

What was the situation in Pristina in the gloomy October of 1918, Branislav Nushiq has testified that he had previously been withdrawn from Skopje, with some officials stationed in the former headquarters of the Kosovo Province after 1912.

"In Pristina, where the shortest routes for those fleeing from Krushevci, Nishi, Prokupla, Vranja and Kurshumlia descend, such a suffocating commotion was created that there were moments when the main Pristina road had to be closed by the army and gendarmerie in order to of protection for those who continued towards Lipjan and Prizren. The first crowds that arrived in Pristina were lucky, as they found shelter here, but the refugees who came non-stop now begged to at least provide only a roof over their heads, no cover, no heating and no food", writes Nushiq.