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Three characters and an endless jazz dialogue

"7 Arte" in Mitrovica provided the perfect backdrop to a musical meeting, creating an environment that allowed the audience to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The musical dialogue of the "Bibera Trio" - with Ilir Bajri on synth, Arian Randobrava on saxophone and Enes Bajramliqi on drums - extended beyond the stage, as the performers and the audience engaged in a mutual exchange of energy.

When the music of "Bibera Trio" starts, you don't know where it ends. There are many factors that determine its direction and this is the spirit that unites Ilir Bajri on synth, Arian Randobrava on saxophone and Enes Bajramliqi on drums. This is their dialogue, and there they also include the public. This time, Mitrovica was their destination. The music they bring is endless

In a fusion of talent and nostalgia, "Bibera Trio" broke down the walls of the "7 Arte" center with the endless sounds of jazz, bringing back the magic of musical synergy. Arian Randobrava on saxophone, Enes Bajramliqi on drums and Ilir Bajri on synth took the stage for a night of improvisation and classic standards of this musical genre in an event aptly titled "Tue pa tue ba", which has also determined the tempo of concert, but at the same time breaks down the philosophy of jazz.

The return of the trio after a break to which even the members of the "Bibera Trio" themselves cannot put a specific date, was nothing less than impressive. The energy between the members had remained unwavering. The seamless connection and mutual respect on a musical level was evident, creating an atmosphere of shared creativity. The evening started with "Little Sunflower" preparing the ground for a night full of musical mastery. The trio went through the repertoire of jazz music with the sounds of songs like "Softly" and "Maiden Voyage".