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Prishtina on October 23, 1912 and 1915

Prishtina in the 20s of the XX century

In the three-year time period 1912 - 1915, today's capital of Kosovo experienced two occupations, first the Serbian occupation and then the Bulgarian occupation. In the following, we will bring images from the time of the two occupations presented by Serbian and Bulgarian authors, at the end of October 1912 and 1915, together with materials stored in the two state archives of Serbia and Bulgaria. Based on the official population census statistics of 1912, 1917, 1921 and the end of 1924, as a result of wars, murders, deportations and other forms of violence, it results that Pristina has "lost" a total of 3414 inhabitants

All the Serbs in Pristina are looking for weapons and putting crosses on their religions

The correspondent of the newspaper "Zastava" from Novi Sad, Jasha Tomić, who was accompanying the headquarters of the Serbian army, stayed in Pristina in the last week of October 1912, that is, in the first days when Pristina was occupied by the Serbian army.