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"The Lil's poem" in liberation with prison verses

"Prison poetry should be written and read, without deifying the prison and making fun of it, because by making fun of it, we become good at not going to prison", said Halil Matoshi, who brought " The Lil's poem"

The poems in Halil Matoshi's newest work are a deep journey into the personal and reflections on life and the essential impact of his time spent in prison. Through verse he finds freedom, breaks free, challenges fate and becomes his own master

The foyer of the "Oda" theater in Pristina was not the place of the spoken word but, above all, of the written word. The drama does not take place on stage, but through verses. And, Halil Matoshi's poetry has the power to create drama, scene, mood and emotion. Next testimony: "The Lil's poem". The 162-page poetry book is Matoshi's newest work, and its launch on Friday night brought together an ensemble of lyric lovers, fellow poets and supporters eager to explore the depths of poetry.

"The Lil's poem" is a deeply personal journey of the journalist and poet's reflections on life and the essential impact of his time spent in prison. Matoshi, who often expresses himself in painting, chose one of them for the front of the book. "Memory of water" is the painting, which represents the author's time in the concentration camp in Zabela Pozharevci, as a preamble to the constitution of Halil, in the constitution where freedom of expression wandered everywhere looking for its place.