In Jarinje, undeclared goods were discovered on the bus of the Serbia-Kosovo route

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Kosovo Customs has announced that on Wednesday it has prevented a case of smuggling in Jarinje.

According to the announcement, during a routine control, customs officers in cooperation with the Kosovo Police, during the control of a bus at the border crossing point in Jarinje, found hidden goods worth 4 euros.

"At the moment of the entrance of a bus of the Serbia-Kosovo line, which had as its destination Kosovo, hidden goods were discovered in one of its spaces. The discovered goods, which were undeclared, included: food products, sportswear, as well as other textile products. The total value of the goods that have attempted to be illegally introduced into the territory of Kosovo is €4,793.48", the announcement states.

The bus is said to have been sent to the Mitrovica customs terminal under the supervision of customs and police staff for a detailed check.

"The undeclared goods have been confiscated by the Kosovo Customs, while the case is being handled by the relevant units of the Kosovo Customs", the announcement states.