One month of detention for the suspects who threatened to kill the Italian KFOR

Descriptive Text

The Basic Court in Pristina has determined the measure of detention against two suspects AK and IH, suspected of the criminal offense "Endangering the Personnel of the United Nations Organization and the Personnel in relation to them", who threatened the Italian KFOR in Prizren .

The defendants AK and IH, according to the Court, are suspected of co-committing on 26.02.2024 at around 10:00 a.m. in a cafe in the village of Lubiqevë, in the Municipality of Prizren, they had insulted and then seriously threatened members of the Italian KFOR that they would to kill them, and who are on a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo with a UN mandate.

"Based on the fact that the suspected criminal offense occurred against members of KFOR, who operate in Kosovo to guarantee a peaceful and safe environment, as well as freedom of movement for the citizens of Kosovo, therefore there is a real risk that with their stay in freedom, the same may repeat the criminal offense or complete the threatened offense and according to the court's assessment, assigning custody to the defendants at this stage of the criminal procedure is more than reasonable and necessary for successful and effective implementation of this criminal procedure and ensuring the presence of the defendants in the procedure", it is stated in the announcement of the Court.

The parties have the opportunity to appeal to the Court of Appeal.