One month detention for the four defendants in the case of the robbery in Krushë e Madhe

Descriptive Text

The Basic Court in Gjakovë has set a one-month detention measure against the four defendants AH, Ç.M., BD and BD(1), due to the suspicion of the criminal offenses of "attempted murder" and "possession, control or unauthorized possession of weapons".

Description of the Court:

"AH and Ç.M., On February 24, 2024, in the village of Krushë e Madhe, Municipality of Rahovec, they intentionally attempted to deprive the injured BD and BD(1), from the village of Krushë e Madhe, Municipality of Rahovec, of their lives, as well that after the critical night at around 23:00 p.m. the defendants AH and Ç.M had gone equipped with weapons to the house of the injured parties BD and BD(1), where they had weapons of an unknown type NN with them, so that after the same were noticed by the injured, they shot several times in their direction, causing bodily injuries, this condition was ascertained by the medical report of the Rahovec HCMF, then running away in an unknown direction until he presented himself for first aid at the hospital Regional of Prizren due to bodily injuries received. Also, at the same time and place, the defendant BD intentionally tried to take the lives of the injured persons AH and Ç.M., who, upon noticing them on the street, immediately notified his brother BD(1), and from the house fired with AK-47 type weapons many times, causing physical injuries to the injured party AH, while BD(1), as soon as he had been informed by his brother BD, had taken the car type "N..... .'', going out on another road and fired out of the car with the M-57 type weapon, in the direction of the injured, thus causing bodily injuries, as stated by the medical report of the Regional Hospital of Prizren".

The parties have the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal.