Packs of cigarettes originating from Serbia in Viti, worth about 60 thousand euros, were confiscated

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The Kosovo police confiscated 29 packs of cigarettes that originated from Serbia and were worth 60 euros in the village of Smirë in Vitia on Saturday.

According to the announcement, the Police stopped a vehicle without license plates driven by 27-year-old AS, a Kosovar citizen, and noticed that it was loaded with cigarettes without Kosovo flags.

"During the control of the vehicle, the police found loads of 'Monus Slims' cigarettes: 58 large packs with a total of 29 packs of cigarettes. The goods are suspected to be manufactured in Serbia and the market value is around 000 euros", the announcement states.

The suspect was detained for 48 hours, while the smuggled goods and the vehicle were sent to Customs.