Nephew steals his gun and sells it, Police arrest three suspects

A man in Gjilan has reported to the Police that his nephew stole his gun with cartridges.

The police have found that the suspect, a minor, had sold the weapon, while in the yard of the one who sold the weapon to him, they found cartridges that he allegedly fired during the trade-sale of pistols.

The police have taken three suspects into custody - one is also a minor.

"The Kosovar male complainant informed the police that his gun with seven cartridges was stolen from his apartment (allegedly by his nephew - a minor). After the investigations, it was realized that the suspect had sold the pistol. During the search in the yard of the second suspect, a pistol cartridge and 3 pistol cartridges that were allegedly fired as evidence during the exchange-sale of pistols were found and seized. Also, the second suspect handed over the gun with 4 cartridges. During the search, a weapon and a cartridge were found and seized from another juvenile suspect," says the KP report.