They were carrying around 34 kg of marijuana on their backs, one is arrested and the other escapes

The Kosovo Police announced that on Thursday they arrested a suspect who was caught in the hills of the village of Vërmicë carrying suspected quantities of narcotic substances.

The suspect was with another person whom the police officers were unable to catch.

According to the Police announcement, they were observed entering from the territory of the Republic of Albania to the territory of the Republic of Kosovo through mountain roads illegally.

During the movement, they were said to be carrying suspicious loads on their backs and when the Police ordered them to stop, they dropped the loads and started to run away.


The suspects are said to have carried close to 34 kilograms of marijuana-type narcotic substance on their backs.

"The aforementioned persons were observed to be carrying suspicious loads on their backs during the movement, where after they had entered the area of ​​the Republic of Kosovo, they were ordered to be stopped by the police officers, but they dropped the loads they were carrying and started to run away, one of them managed to be stopped by the police officers", it is stated in the announcement of the Police.

The narcotic substance was confiscated.

"The suspected cargo was in two bags with 11 (eleven) packages in the amount of 33.800 kg, suspected marijuana-type narcotic substance. Regarding the case, the competent prosecutor was consulted and the completed case together with the suspected substance is submitted to the Directorate for Investigation of Narcotics Trafficking in Prizren for further treatment.