The accused for three criminal offenses in Gjilan is sentenced to more than four years in prison

The Basic Court in Gjilan on Wednesday sentenced the accused SL to four years and three months of imprisonment, for committing the criminal offenses of "serious bodily injury", "causing general danger" and "unauthorized ownership, control or possession of weapons".

The defendant dated 22.03.2023, around 22:00, on the street "Bardhyl Qaushi" in Gjilan, according to the Court, due to a dispute about a type of entry - exit by car between the injured IM and the accused, the accused punches him in the face and jaw and the victim falls to the ground, causing serious bodily injuries to the victim, where he loses consciousness and is sent for treatment to the Regional Hospital of Gjilan, and then to the Clinical Center University of Kosovo (QKUK).

"On the same day and time, the accused caused a general danger to the lives of people and the injured AM and BM, as they approached the injured IM to give him help and asked him who hit him, the accused answered that I, and at that moment the injured AM started towards him, in this case the accused entered the bar and took out his revolver and shot twice from a distance of 4.5 meters, but did not hit anyone. On 22.03.2023, at around 15:00 at the "Malibu" Motel in Viti, the defendant, after authorization and without permission from the competent authorities, and in violation of the Law applicable to weapons, kept the Gardinov VT type weapon in his possession", it is stated in the Court's decision.