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They enabled a person to obtain documents with false identities, two officials are arrested in Obiliq


Kosovo police have announced that they have arrested two officials of the Center for Civil Registration in Obiliq, under the suspicion that they have enabled a person to obtain official documents with false identities.

"The Kosovo Police, specifically the Unit for the Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption in Prishtina, after an investigative work have managed to secure relevant information and evidence for the suspects with the initials (IM) and (AG), officials at the Center for Civil Registration in Obiliq , who are suspected of abusing their official duties, falsified official documents, in which case they enabled the person with the initials (FA) to be equipped with two other false identities and the one in the names (AG) and (AR) , and also providing the same with valid documents of the Republic of Kosovo (birth certificate and identity card) with false identities", the Police announcement states.