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A firefighter is injured while extinguishing a fire in Lipjan

A firefighter was injured during efforts to put out the fire at the agricultural cooperative of the "Adem Gllavica" school in Lipjan, the TIME team reports from the scene.

Kosovo police have confirmed that the firefighter received medical treatment due to the smoke.

According to the announcement, the fire involved two buildings, one with animal feed and one with agricultural equipment, as well as two greenhouses. The case was reported around 19 p.m.

The police have said that they are dealing with the case in cooperation with the firefighters.

Fire localization work is continuing.


The agricultural cooperative of the "Adem Gllavica" school in Lipjan was involved in the fire

The agricultural cooperative of the vocational secondary school "Adem Gllavica" in Lipjan was engulfed in fire.

KOHA has managed to provide footage from the scene, while the fire is suspected to have spread from the barns.

It is not yet known if there are any injuries from this case, as the police and fire brigade units are there.

KOHA tried to contact the Police, but they were not available until the article was published.

Firefighters are trying to stop the fire from spreading to other facilities within the Cooperative, while the sheep inside it were saved.

The workshop of technical directions was also involved in the fire.