Ukraine: Over 522.000 Russians were killed and wounded in the war

Ukrainian army

Ukrainian army

The Ukrainian authorities have updated the statistics on the losses of the Russian army in the war, announcing that recently 980 people have been eliminated, wounded or disappeared, bringing the figure to 522.810 since the start of the aggression.

In data released Thursday, Ukraine announced that a total of 7928 Russian tanks, 15.208 armored combat artillery, 1009 missile systems, 846 air systems and 11.075 unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed.

In the Headquarters report, it is emphasized that 359 fighter planes, 326 helicopters, 2285 cruise missiles and 28 warships were destroyed. It is emphasized there that since February 24, 2022, a submarine, 18.794 vehicles for transporting derivatives and 2294 special equipment have been destroyed.

Recently, Norway and Lithuania are two of the countries that have helped the army of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, with artillery.

The Norwegian authorities have decided to supply it with bomb launchers and light weapons, and Lithuania with some tanks.