Scotland will release hundreds of prisoners even though they have not completed their sentences


The Scottish Government has allowed prisoners to be released early as part of a plan to ease pressure on the country's prisons. Some 514 prisoners will be released starting at the end of the month, SkyNews reported.

Inmates serving short sentences of less than four years with 180 days or less remaining in prison will be considered for release. Prisoners with life sentences or those convicted of sexual violence or terrorism will be automatically excluded from the program.

Their release will be done in four stages.

In the first stage those who have less than 45 days left in prison will be released, in the second stage those with 45-89 days remaining, in the third stage with 90-134 days and in the last stage they will be released prisoners who have 135-180 days left.

This move came after the increase in the number of prisoners, which the authorities have assessed as a critical risk.