How the artificial intelligence picture of Gaza got the world's attention

All Eyes on Rafah

The caption "All Eyes on Rafah" on a photo has taken over social media this week. The reference is to Gaza City, which has become the center of the war since Israel launched an attack on Palestinian refugee camps in what was described as a security zone, killing dozens of displaced Palestinians.

A photo created by artificial intelligence - which has nothing to do with the city of Rafah or the war in Gaza - has been shared over 46 million times on Instagram alone.

The photo was meant to show a field of refugee tents.

Where does this phrase come from?

The phrase "All eyes on Rafah" has been shared for months now alongside photos from the war in Gaza, and it's not just about the photo that went viral.

The statement follows comments made in February by Rik Peeperkorn, who heads the World Health Organization's office in the West Bank and Gaza.

At the time, more than 1.5 million Palestinian refugees, many of whom were fleeing from the north to central parts of Gaza, converged on the city of Rafah, which was also under attack from Israel, in an effort "to hit terrorists and Hamas in that area".

"All eyes were on Rafah," Peeperkorn had said, uttering the phrase that went viral around the world.

Instagram has apostrophized the account "shahv4012" as the creator of the design. 

What has made the photograph in question so famous?

According to Faiza Hirji, a professor at Ontario's McMaster University who studies race, religion and media, one of the reasons why the photo went viral is that it is not an image of violence and poses less risk of being banned by social platforms. the jerk The naturalness of photography, she says, makes it easier to circulate than real images of war. 

Also, the photo is being shared on Instagram with the "add yours" feature, which allows users to easily repost it as a personal story. This is the easiest way to distribute it.