The Government of Slovenia approves the recognition of the Palestinian state, sends the issue to the Parliament

Robert Golob - prime minister of Slovenia

Photo: Associated Press

The government of Slovenia on Thursday approved a motion for the recognition of the Palestinian state and asked the Parliament to do the same, reports the "AP" agency. 

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, Robert Golob, said that the Government has sent the proposal for the recognition of the Palestinian state to the Parliament and the Parliament can meet next week to decide on this. 

"The whole world must act in the direction of peace. The way to achieve peace is a two-state solution. The decision is not directed against anyone, not even against Israel, but it is a message for peace," said Golob. 

Parliamentary approval is necessary for the proposal to enter into force. 

Golob's ruling coalition has a majority of 90 MPs in Parliament and the vote should be a formality. 

The Slovenian government's decision comes just two days after Spain, Norway and Ireland recognized a Palestinian state, a move condemned by Israel. 

Slovenia first started the recognition process in early May, but said it will wait until the situation in the Israel-Hamas war improves. 

Golob said this week that he was speeding up the process in response to Israel's recent attacks on Rafah, which forced more than 1 million Palestinians to flee. 

Over 140 states have recognized the Palestinian state – more than two-thirds of the United Nations.