Two US officials also resign because of the Biden Administration's stance on Gaza

Joe Biden

Two more US officials have resigned over the war in Gaza, stressing that the Biden administration is not telling the truth about Israel's obstruction of humanitarian aid to more than two million trapped and starving Palestinians.

Alexander Smith, a contractor for the Agency for International Development (USAID), has said he was given the choice between resigning and being fired after preparing a presentation on Palestinian maternal and child mortality that was canceled at the last minute by USAID leadership. .

Smith chose to resign Monday after four years at USAID. In his resignation letter, he complained about inconsistencies in USAID's approach to various state and humanitarian crises, as well as its overall treatment of Palestinians, the Guardian reported. 

"I cannot do my job in an environment where specific people are not recognized as fully human, or where human rights apply to some but not others, depending on their race," he wrote.

The other resignation came Tuesday from the State Department's refugee and migration bureau official, Stacy Gilbert. She explained in her email that she was quitting because of a finding by the department that Israel was not intentionally obstructing the flow of food and other aid to Gaza.

Gilbert took note of the official report to Congress on May 10, which said that Israel "did not fully cooperate" in the first month of the war in Gaza, but that it had "profoundly increased its humanitarian approach" now. In fact, after an increase in humanitarian shipments in April and May, they have dropped to almost zero in the weeks since.

Asked about Gilberti's resignation, a spokesperson for DASH said that "we have made it clear that we welcome different points of view and we believe that this made us stronger".

Smith and Gilbert bring the total of Biden Administration officials who have resigned to nine.