Israel expects "another seven months of fighting" to achieve the destruction of Hamas

The war in Gaza

The head of the Israeli National Security Council, Tzachi Hanegbi, has said that the state expects "another seven months of fighting" in Gaza, to achieve its goal of the complete destruction of Hamas.

"It was mentioned in the first days of the presentation of the war plans to the cabinet, that the war would be long," Hanegbi stated in an interview for an Israeli radio on Wednesday, reports CNN.

"We are now in the fifth month of 2024, which means we expect seven more months of fighting to deepen our gains and achieve our goal of destroying the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad," he said. Hanegbi stated.

Israeli forces are continuing to attack Rafah, where attacks on Monday evening and early Tuesday alone reportedly killed dozens of people, most of whom were sheltering in tents after being displaced from other war zones.

Meanwhile, the US does not believe Israel has launched a full-scale occupation of the southern Gaza city of Rafah, White House spokesman John Kirby said.

He spoke hours after Israeli forces reached the central part of the city and were reported to have taken a strategically important hill from which they can see the border with Egypt.