China's powerhouse unveils robot dogs that shoot machine guns


China has unveiled robot dogs that are capable of firing machine guns. The move shows the rapid growth of the Asian country's military capability, writes "The Telegraph".

Remote-controlled robot dogs equipped with machine guns on their backs were unveiled during joint Chinese and Cambodian military exercises earlier this month.

During the exercises, only the walking of the robot dogs was demonstrated, but not the ability to fire machine guns. However, the existence of the robot dogs highlights China's race to develop intelligent unmanned technology that could be a game changer on modern battlefields.

The intensive use of drones in the war in Ukraine has signaled changes in the world's most powerful armies, which are looking for more sophisticated weapons.

According to the American news agency, "Axios", the robot dog was produced by "Unitree", a Chinese company that advertises products online for thousands of dollars.

As the agency writes, the US Navy is also developing a similar robot. An even more sophisticated goat-shaped one was tested in the California desert last fall.