We must be one step ahead of the enemy, Putin tells Russian officials

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Photo: Associated Press

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with ministers and heads of defense enterprises on Saturday to discuss the development of Russia's military industry.

He praised the increase in production in the last two years, saying that most enterprises fulfill the state defense order on time and with high quality, AP reports.

Putin noted the importance of creating an effective economy, especially in relation to the military.

"The economy of the armed forces, which is part of the economy of the entire country, must be built accordingly so that every state ruble works effectively," Putin said.

He added that the Russian military industry should accelerate the introduction of modern technologies and innovative solutions to be ahead of the enemy.

"I want to emphasize again that we must be one step ahead all the time, we must be ahead of the enemy all the time, and then victory will be guaranteed," the Russian president declared.