Israeli war cabinet minister warns of resignation if there is no post-war plan for Gaza

Benny Gantz

The Israeli War Cabinet Minister, Benny Gantz, has threatened to resign if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not set a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip, "BBC" reports. 

Gantz on Saturday set a June 8 deadline to set a plan to achieve "six strategic goals," including ending Hamas rule in Gaza and establishing a multinational civilian administration for Gaza. 

"If you put the national issue before the personal one, then you will find in us a partner in the war. But, if you choose the fanatical path and lead the nation into the abyss, we will be forced to leave the government," said Gantz. 

Netanyahu dismissed the comments. 

Also, Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, has called for a plan for Palestinian administration in Gaza and has said that he will not agree to Israel governing Gaza itself. 
Netanyahu is also facing pressure from international allies. The US has called for the revival of the Palestinian Authority to govern Gaza with the help of Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, before a Palestinian state is created. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is expected to push ahead with the plan when he visits Israel today.