Fico's condition is still serious, Slovak government officials say

Robert Kalinak

Robert Kalinak

Photo: Associated Press

The condition of the prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, is serious but stable even on Saturday, while the suspect for the attack on him appeared before the court.

Two hours of surgery on Friday to remove dead tissue from Fico's multiple wounds led to a good prognosis for his recovery, but he is still not well enough to be transferred to a hospital in the capital, Bratislava. government ministers told a press conference Saturday outside the FD Roosevelt University Hospital in Banska Bystrica, where Fico was taken by helicopter immediately after the shooting.

"Several miracles have happened in Banska Bystrica these days by the hands of doctors, nurses and staff at the Roosevelt Hospital", declared the Slovak Minister of Defense, Robert Kalinak.

Fico, 59, was attacked while greeting supporters after a government meeting on Wednesday in the town of Handlova. The suspect was arrested immediately after the attack.

The update on Fico's condition was made at the time when the suspect, still unidentified at the request of the prosecution, was placed before the court.

Prosecutors have sought an order from Slovakia's Specialized Criminal Court to detain the suspect.

Prosecutors have told police not to identify the man or release other details about the case, but unconfirmed Slovak media reports say the 71-year-old is known as an amateur poet who worked as a security guard at a shopping mall in the southwest. of the state.

Meanwhile, government officials have said that the suspect does not belong to any political group, although as they said, the attack was politically motivated.