Eight arrested after climate activists disrupt work at Munich Airport

Munich Airport

Munich Airport

Photo: Associated Press

German police arrested eight climate activists on Saturday who stormed Munich airport, briefly causing the airport to shut down and leading to around 60 flight cancellations over a busy holiday weekend.

Six of the activists entered a runway, a police spokesman said, adding that the situation was now under control, with both runways of the airport open for arrivals and departures, reports Reuters.

The climate group Last Generation, which has staged similar protests in the past, said in a series of posts on X that it was responsible for the action.

The group later said six individuals sat on the airport tarmac at 4:45 a.m. local time to block planes, while criticizing Berlin for subsidizing airlines at the expense of railways.

"The problem is the government, not our party," read one of their signs.

The Minister of the Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser, has said that the security measures at the airport will be reviewed.

"Such criminal actions endanger air traffic and harm climate protection, because they only cause contempt and anger," she wrote in X.

Germany's Transport Minister, Volker Wissing, has said that new laws are needed to punish such actions as criminal with up to two years in prison. Current laws classify them as misdemeanors.

An airport spokesman stated that the airport was completely closed for take-offs and landings for nearly two hours. About 11 flights were diverted, about 60 were canceled and delays continued/

The outage occurred during one of the busiest travel periods for the airport in southern Germany, according to the airport.