"The rules of the game have changed"

Macron warns: our Europe may die

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron

Photo: Associated Press

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Thursday that Europe faces an existential threat from Russian aggression, as he called on the continent to adopt a "credible" defense strategy less dependent on the US. AFP reported. 

Macron has described Russia's behavior after the Ukraine break as "unbridled", and added that it is not clear where Moscow's "borders" are. 

In a nearly two-hour speech at a Paris university, Macron also expressed alarm at what he called a disregard for global trade rules by both the US and China, and called on the European Union to review its trade policy.

"Our Europe is mortal today, and it can die. It can die and it depends only on our elections", declared Macron, warning that Europe "is not armed against the danger it faces" in a world where "the rules of the game have changed".

"The risk is that Europe will experience a decline and we are already beginning to see this despite all our efforts", he warned, saying that the continent is in a situation of "encirclement" by other regional powers. 

"We are still too slow and not ambitious enough", he said, calling for a "strong Europe", which is "respected", "ensures its security" and regains its "strategic autonomy".

According to AFP, Macron has asked Europe to be the master of its own destiny, stating that in the past it has been too dependent on Moscow for energy and Washington for security. 

He has said that the necessary "condition" for European security is "that Russia does not win the war of aggression in Ukraine". 

"We must build this strategic concept of a reliable European defense for ourselves", Macron said, adding that Europe cannot be "a vassal" of the USA.