The rain destroys the prison

Over 100 prisoners escape from a prison in Nigeria

The prisoners escape

Escape of prisoners/Illustration

Photo: Associated Press

At least 118 inmates escaped from a prison in Nigeria on Wednesday after torrential rains damaged its building in Suleja, near the Nigerian capital, a prison spokesman said.

The rain, which lasted several hours, destroyed parts of the medium security prison, including the perimeter wall and surrounding buildings, spokesman Adamu Duza said in a statement on Thursday.

The agents of the service have been shooting at the fugitives and have so far recaptured 10 of them with the help of other security agencies.

"We are in pursuit to return the rest", said Duza.

He assured the public that the authorities were in charge of the situation.

"The public is further enjoined to watch out for escaping prisoners and report any suspicious movement to the nearest security agency," he added.