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Netanyahu calls pro-Palestinian protests at American colleges anti-Semitic

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized pro-Palestinian demonstrations on American college campuses, calling them anti-Semitic and comparing them to those leading to the Holocaust.

In a video statement released Wednesday, Netanyahu said "anti-Semitic mobs have taken over major universities" where "they call for the annihilation of Israel," AP reports.

"This reminds you of what happened in German universities in the 1930s. It is unconscionable," Netanyahu said.

He has called on state, local and federal officials to intervene.

The groups organizing the protests deny accusations of anti-Semitism, saying the demonstrations are directed at Israel and its actions in Gaza.

The students are demanding that the schools cut financial ties to Israel and divest from companies that enable its months-long conflict, which was sparked by the October 7 Hamas attack in southern Israel.

Dozens have been arrested on charges of breaking the law or disorderly conduct.

Some Jewish students are taking part in the protests, while others say the demonstrations have turned into anti-Semitism and have made them afraid to set foot on campus.