Germany arrests a suspected Chinese spy

The flag of China

German authorities have arrested a man who worked for a far-right politician, suspected of being a spy for China, the BBC reports.

They have identified the suspect as Jian G, 43, named by German media as an assistant to Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP and European election candidate Maximilian Krah.

Prosecutors announced that he was arrested in the eastern city of Dresden. They claim he passed information about the European Parliament to Chinese intelligence.

An AfD spokesman has said that reports of the arrest of one of Krah's employees on suspicion of espionage are very disturbing and that they expect further investigations by the public prosecutor.

"If it is confirmed that someone has spied for China, this is an attack from the inside on European democracy", declared the minister of the interior, Nancy Faeser.

Prosecutors have said that Jian G had worked since 2019 for a member of the European Parliament. They did not mention the name of Maximilian Krah, who is the AfD's main candidate in the European Elections taking place in the 27 EU member states from June 6 to 9.

The arrest of suspect Jian G comes a day after two men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of spying for China, providing it with information on military technology.
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed the arrest and described it as speculation created "to tarnish and oppress China".

Espionage suspect Jian G is expected to appear in court later on Tuesday.