The war in Gaza

Hamas is standing between the Palestinians and the ceasefire, says Blinken

The war in Gaza

The war in Gaza

Photo: Associated Press

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Hamas is "the only thing" standing between the Palestinians and a ceasefire.

Speaking at a press conference after the G7 meeting in Capri, Italy, Blinken said that Hamas has rejected "generous proposals" from Israel, the BBC reports.

"The only thing standing between the people of Gaza and the ceasefire is Hamas," said Blinkeni.

The American secretary has said that the G7 foreign ministers are "intensely focused on Gaza", although they were dealing with the escalation of the situation between Iran and Israel.

Blinken mentions the cease-fire talks, stressing that it is Hamas that is keeping an agreement.

He also called for the swift implementation of humanitarian aid commitments in Gaza.

"We have seen significant progress, but we need to see consistent results and distribution across Gaza," he said.