Poland calls on Israel to compensate the family of the murdered humanitarian

Andrzej Duda - president of Poland

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk have called on Israel to compensate the family of the employee of the "World Central Kitchen" organization, who was killed as a result of an Israeli air attack in Gaza. on Tuesday, reports the "AP" agency.

They have also demanded from Israel detailed explanations of what happened and why it happened.

Damian Sobol, 35, a member of the American charity World Central Kitchen, was killed along with 6 others by an Israeli attack on April 2.

Polish President Duda said in a press conference that his family deserves adequate compensation.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tusk has described the death of Sobol as a "senseless and unnecessary death", adding that Israel should apologize and provide detailed information about the circumstances of the death.

Israel has claimed responsibility for the airstrike, saying it "was a mistake that happens in wars".
Charities in Poland have insisted that humanitarian convoys be clearly marked and also given security guarantees when operating in war zones.