Ukraine changes plans for drone production

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that he has held a three-hour meeting with his cabinet and military officials to discuss the needs for confronting the Russian military.

He wrote in X on Monday that they have reviewed plans for the production of drones, including bombers, spy drones and long-range ones for special missions.

View from the meeting of the Ukrainian authorities

"We also discussed how to ensure the flexibility of our defense industry. The needs of the front line are constantly changing and our manufacturers must respond in a timely manner. "Important decisions were made to simplify procurement procedures and component imports, increase tariffs for drones and train operators," Zelensky wrote.

He emphasized that they have also decided to build an integrated electronic warfare control system.

"Another decision is the project to build an integrated electronic warfare control system to protect our fighters and equipment from Russian artillery. It is already being tested in certain areas. We intend to expand it to the entire section", said Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president said through a video message on Sunday that Ukraine has liberated several areas near Kiev for two years.