NATO's number two calls Putin's threat a bluff

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoana, has said that the threat of "nuclear war" by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the moment is only "psychological intimidation", writes "Politico".

Putin warned of "nuclear war" on Thursday after French President Emmanuel Macron stood by his message that the West should not rule out sending troops to Ukraine.

"This is really a threat of conflict with nuclear weapons," Putin said before the Russian Federal Assembly.

But the NATO official characterized Putin's warning as "discourse aimed at psychological intimidation and not real goals", in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "El País".

"We do not see any immediate threat from Russia regarding the use of these weapons. But these statements in themselves are very dangerous, because they destroy trust. Russia knows the consequences of taking this step," he added.

Geoana also said that NATO "must continue supporting Ukraine and avoid escalation with Russia".

Regarding Macron's proposal, he said that NATO respects the ideas of the allies, but does not intend or plan to send troops to Ukraine.

Geoana hopes that the alliance will remain strong even if former president Donald Trump wins the presidential elections of the United States of America this November.

"Both Republicans and Democrats understand the competition with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The USA will need its allies in Europe and the rest of the world", said Geoana.