Bolsonaro denies the accusations against him

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has claimed that he has been the victim of political persecution since leaving office a little over a year ago.

He told tens of thousands of supporters in Sao Paulo that the coup allegations against him were a "lie".

He also called for amnesty for hundreds of his supporters convicted of attacks on public buildings.

Police are investigating whether Bolsonaro instigated a failed coup after losing the 2022 election.

Addressing a Sunday rally in Brazil's largest city, the 68-year-old former president dismissed the allegations against him as politically motivated.

He said it was time to forget the past and let Brazil move forward.

He also used his speech to talk about the upcoming presidential election in 2026.

Bolsonaro has been banned from running for president for eight years for undermining Brazil's electoral system and claiming the last election was rigged, despite no evidence of electoral fraud.