Britain airdrops aid into Gaza for the first time since the war began

Britain has dropped air aid into Gaza for the first time since the war broke out, following an agreement with Jordan.

Four tonnes of supplies, including medicine, food and fuel, were dropped by a Jordanian military plane on Wednesday, the BBC reports.

Parachute-equipped packages were dropped at Tal Al-Hawa hospital, in northern Gaza.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said the aid could save lives and keep the hospital running.

Until now, Britain has only sent aid to Gaza by land and sea, but northern Gaza is impossible to reach after nearly five months of fighting there.

The World Food Program has suspended deliveries there after its teams endured "chaos and violence", organizers said.

An estimated 300,000 Palestinians remain in northern Gaza, with little food and water supplies, while the United Nations has warned for months of growing famine there.