Ukraine claims to have sunk another Russian warship in the Black Sea

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Ukraine has claimed to have sunk another Russian warship in the Black Sea using high-tech drones, as Kiev's forces continue to target targets deep behind the war's front lines. Russian authorities did not confirm the claim.

Ukraine's military intelligence agency has announced that a special operations unit destroyed the large patrol boat Sergey Kotov overnight with Ukrainian-designed and built Magura V5 unmanned aerial vehicles loaded with explosives. The patrol boat, which Ukraine said was hit near the Kerch Strait, is said to be able to carry cruise missiles and about 60 crew members.

Kiev's forces are trying to hold off the better-equipped Russian military, but they are also targeting targets deep beyond the battlefield.

In the Black Sea, Ukraine's successes against enemy warships have pushed the Russian fleet away from the coast, allowing Ukraine to create a grain export corridor.

Ukraine's defense ministry posted on X, formerly Twitter, a video of what it said was the nighttime attack on Sergej Kotov.

The private security firm "Ambrey" has indicated that the attack took place in the port of Feodosia, in Crimea, a territory which Russia annexed in 2014.

The ship was hit at least twice, with the second hit resulting in a large explosion, Ambrey reported.

Last month, Ukraine claimed it twice sank Russian warships using drones. On February 1, it claimed to have sunk the Russian missile-armed corvette Ivanovets, and on February 14, it said it destroyed the landing craft Caesar Kunikov. Russian officials did not confirm these claims.

Kiev officials say about 20% of Russian missile attacks on Ukraine are launched from the Black Sea.