Netanyahu presents the first official plan of what he thinks to do with Gaza after the war

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled a plan for Gaza, his first official proposal for what will happen after the war in Gaza, Reuters reported.

According to the document, Israel will maintain security control over all land west of Jordan, including the West Bank and Gaza - territories where the Palestinians want to establish an independent state.

In the goals listed, Netanyahu rejects the "unilateral recognition" of the Palestinian state. He says that an agreement with the Palestinians will only be reached through negotiations between the two sides.

In Gaza, Netanyahu cites demilitarization and deradicalization as goals to be achieved in the medium term. According to Reuters, he did not elaborate on when that period would start or exactly how long it would last. But he makes the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, most of which has been destroyed by Israel's offensive, conditional on its complete demilitarization.

Netanyahu proposes that Israel have a presence on the Gaza-Egypt border south of the enclave and cooperate with Egypt and the US in that area to prevent smuggling attempts, including at the Rafah crossing.

To replace the leadership of Hamas in Gaza while maintaining public order, Netanyahu has suggested working with local representatives "who are not affiliated with states or terrorist groups and are not funded by them."

He calls for the closure of the UN Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRA) and its replacement by other aid groups.

The document has been circulated to the security cabinet to begin discussion on it.

The Palestinian president's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, has said that Netanyahu's proposal will fail, as will any Israeli plan to change the geographic and demographic reality in Gaza.

"If the world is sincerely interested in security and stability in the region, it must stop the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel and recognize the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital," he said.