Russia sets new conditions to return Navalny's body to his family

Russian authorities have set additional conditions to release Navalny's body to his family, his Anti-Corruption Foundation has announced.

The Russian Investigative Committee has imposed more conditions on releasing Alexey Navalny's body to his mother, according to Ivan Zhdanov, the director of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation, CNN reported.

In addition to carrying out a secret funeral "among the family", the committee has said that they also require the following three conditions: The body must be transported to Moscow on a special plane, and before arriving in the capital, Navalny's mother must not notify the funeral so that the crowd does not meet the body at the airport, the family must be accompanied by an employee of the investigative commission at all times before the burial, Navalny's mother must decide on the date of the funeral after arriving in Moscow, and the body must be kept in the Moscow or Vladimir region before the funeral.

According to Zhdanov, the investigative committee "is afraid that the morgue will be attacked."

The death certificate will be issued to Navalny's family after they agree to meet the above conditions, Zhdanov said.

Navalny's mother was initially denied the choice of cemetery, and then both sides agreed to hold the funeral at the Khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow, Zhdanov said, adding that the parties did not agree on the funeral hall.

According to Zhdanov, Navalny's mother was threatened to agree to the terms.

Alexei Navalny died on February 16 in a penal colony in Russia. According to Russian authorities, he was not feeling well after a shooting, and despite the efforts of paramedics to save him, he died.